Topics: Family, Marriage, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Tiara Jett
English 110 MW 11 AM
Family Since the beginning of time, when we hear of the word “family”, we think of a close relative blood line usually consisting of a father, mother, kids, and maybe a dog. This basic structural unit is something that is portrayed in most TV shows and almost all advertisements. But over time, the meaning of family has far extended past “a group of blood relatives living under one roof”. We all have experienced some form of the basic meaning of family stated before. My family is very similar to this in that I’ve grown up with my two parents and my brothers. But I don’t believe that that is the only defining factor of family. Aside from being blood related, we have love and care for one another. And that is what makes up a family. A single mother and her child can be a family. Two siblings alone together can be family. Two people trying to build each other up towards success can be a family. Coworkers can become family. Teammates as well. I believe that in the beginning, being blood relatives was the only definition of family. But people changed so the word changed. Basic structure families are not the most common types of families anymore. When men and women became more comfortable leaving their spouse and kids, the hurt ones in the outcome looked to others on the outside to find what they lost. Whether it be in friends or peers in their everyday life. I’ve heard too many times “you can’t choose your family”. This can’t be further from the truth. Initially people are placed in your life through blood ties but it doesn’t end there. Moving forward, the friends we make almost always become family. The words can go hand in hand because real friends provide us with the same things traditional families were thought to be the only ones to provide. They have the ability to give platonic love, stability, support and even finances. It...
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