Topics: Extended family, Family, Sociology, Sibling, Max Weber / Pages: 1 (268 words) / Published: Sep 27th, 2014

'Family' is a single word, with many different meanings. People have many ways of defining a family and what being a part of a family means to them. Families differ in terms of economic, cultural, social, and many other facets. But every family has one definite thing in common: the people who call it a family are clear that those people in their family are important in some way. My family contains the ones that are truly there for you, that care for you and take your side even through unfathomable odds of success. My family consists of my parents, my siblings, some of my best friends, and some extensive family as well. But your true family does not have to be your blood, it is the one that truly cares for you. Your family might be your best friend, your girlfriend, or even the people you work with. It’s the people you feel most safe with; the ones that have the ability to create a warm and loving surrounding for you. In the article, “The Color of Family Ties: Race, Class, Gender, and Extended Family Involvement,” by Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian, they discuss how the definition of family differs by race, class, gender, social class, and many other aspects. According to their studies, Black and Latino families are more disorganized and have weaker family ties than white families due to higher rates in non-marriage and single parents in minorities. But then their studies also show that minorities have closer ties with their extended family members than White families in order to help out their kin.

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