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This song really shows that life is much better when u have a family to love and knowing that they will be there for you know matter what happens. Family Portrait means that they may look happy in their 'family portrait' or to the rest of the world when really they are not. Family Portrait by Pink

This song “Family Portrait” by Pink means that families need to stick together and without each other we can not do much and people all over the world have been determined to live together, so that they depend on living for each other. I think this song shows that some couples are unable to maintain their marriage, therefore they choose divorce. When I read this song I felt that pink was trying to say that divorce has a major impact on the children of the family. When Pink sings the lyrics ‘my mama she loves you, no matter what she says it’s true, I know that she hurt you, but remember I love you too’. This was a good example as it shows how hurt the young girl is. Although pain is a major representation in the song Family Portrait, frustration is equally important. Throughout this song, Pink shows the frustration children have when their parents fight and/or get a divorce. I think when Pink says “it aint easy growin up in world war lll” it can be interpreted as it will be hard to live when everyone around you is fighting and it makes a big influence on you and your personality. I also think when pink says “ I promise I will be better, mommy I will do anything” has more meaning then we think, I think it means when parents fight the children think it is their fault and the children feel guilty for their family falling apart. I choose this song because if felt it had lots of meaning and it shows me that families need to stick together instead of yelling and fighting you need to solve the problem. It also reminds me that I will always need my family and that we need to be there for each other even if we fight sometimes.
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