Topics: Middle Ages, Family, Kinship terminology Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: March 3, 2014
In a modern dictionary there are over twenty different definitions of the word family. Throughout the ages the composition of a family has evolved and is continuously changing even today. In all of the world’s cultures, all of the years of mankind, and all of the changes in the meaning of the word family, one constant and defining quality has endured. A family’s one and only lasting quality is love. This love in families creates an unbreakable bond between all members that holds them together no matter what. A family is a group of loving individuals that join together and support each other regardless of the consequences. Dating back to prehistoric and biblical times the concept of family has always been present. From the time of Adam and Eve until now, with over seven billion people living on earth, we have grouped ourselves into families. But these families have not always consisted of the same thing. During the earliest years of man, families were made of a male and his female counterpart. These two humans, who loved one another very much, coincided in everyday life in order to be productive and to reproduce. The members of these families worked together and protected one another in order to survive. These past families represented what we think of as blood relatives, and according to Zach Stapleton “A family is the people I live with and the people I am related to.” In all of these historic families and many that are like them today, the common bond that holds them together is the love that they share. This love that the family members have for one another presents an overwhelming sense of unity for survival and causes these individuals to join together and protect and provide for each other. During the Middle Ages the average size of families of blood relatives grew larger and larger in order to provide more food and labor. These families usually consisted of two parents and many children. With this many children the parental...

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