Topics: Family, Marriage, Cohabitation Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Questionnaire summary
In this questionnaire I have looked at marriage, cohabitation, teenage pregnancy, who lives in your household and who is your family. I also looked at to see who usually the breadwinner in a family is and see what their definition of family means. From the results of my questionnaire I found out that most a majority of people think marriage is a necessity. This is probably because of their age and the generation they have been brought up in. However it seems the younger generation do not think marriage is a necessity which makes sense because the younger generation is more individual. The majority of people said they were unsure about cohabitation families which are probably because they think most families should be stable. My results show that people disagree on teenage pregnancy; this is because they think it is morally wrong and should only have sex when they’re married and have kids. Most people agree on re-constituted families but agree that it can be difficult and hard work because the children may find it hard to settle in and feel conformable. The main source of income seems to be from the man of the family which is traditionally how it is. This links in with the woman doing the more of the housework things as my results show. However it also shows that the housework responsibilities are shared within the family. Everyone who did my questionnaire agreed that there are positives of having a single parent family. This may be because that they can make all the decisions, also it could be an excuse to as why things aren’t going perfect and even make you and your children more driven and individual. Lastly, my questionnaire ended with the question ‘what is your definition of a family?’ From what I found out in my results most people think that a family is a group of close relationships that rely and take care of eachother.
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