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Topics: Marriage, Family, Sociology Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Zachary Kelly
The American family is always evolving and changing. This is due to the changes in cultural norms and values. After decades, families in the United States have changed and become more accepting and open with social ideas that were frowned upon or even discriminated against in the 1950’s-1960’s. The family in Leave it to Beaver is your typical American family in the 50’s, they have certain views that the family in Modern Family do not share due to the society in which they lived.

The families in the 50’s and 60’s were brought up in a different society with very closed views on certain issues such as divorce, gay marriage, and other movements of the same social conflict. The immediate things you notice about the family in Leave it to Beaver is that the father is the one who deals with most of the punishing, Also the father is the one who teaches the boys lessons and gives them talks and helps them try to understand things better. The father is the authority in the family and is sort of the pack leader, what he says goes and they always ask him before making decisions. In one episode Beaver and Wally buy an alligator and ask their father if they can keep it after they showed they could take care of it and the father says no. They give the alligator away but the father gets them a puppy because they showed responsibility. The marriage between the father and mother is very monogamous they are the ideal mother and father couple who are old school American parents who would never get a divorce. In one of the episodes Beaver’s friend has a mother and father who are divorced and Beaver’s parents are in a shock when they figure it out and you can easily observe that is not a norm back then. Beaver starts questioning his parents about divorce and his parents both say that it is always better to work things out and that divorce should only happen when the two people are completely incompatible. The parents clearly have different views on...
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