Families of the Future

Topics: Family, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The way families function has evolved drastically over the years. The meaning of family has changed and people do not have the same views on family that previous generations held. It may be hard to believe, but men used to be the breadwinners. It sounds strange to think that a woman used to stay home with the children while the man went off to work, but that was the norm over 100 years ago. It was in the 1960's when women fought to be treated as equals, and now there are more female leaders in this world then male.

In the 2000's and previous years, it was the norm to get married and have children. The standard family was a man and a woman of any race, with their children. With the number of people getting married today at an all time low of 53% of people, and the divorce rate of those married people at an all time high of 84%, the obvious trend is to not get married.

With so few people engaging in marriage, the birth rate has dropped dramatically as fewer people are having children. More adults are focused on their careers and are deciding against having kids. For those who do have children, the number of lone parents has grown drastically over the last 100 years. There are no longer families of procreation, as people aren't getting married at the rate they used to. The divorce rate is so high that the new norm is for a child to not have their parents together.

In the past, a married couple worked together to provide financially for a child, however now people are forced to raise their children separately. Due to the fact that each parent needs to earn enough money to raise a child by themselves, both men and women are at work with more and more parents are placing their children in day cares and other child care institutions. With the parent working and the child going back and forth between homes, it leaves little to no time for each parent to bond with their children. Typically in the past a family consisted of parents, either together or...
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