Families of Children with Cancer

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Families of Children with Cancer

Families of Children with Cancer
Allison Hershberger
HCA/240 Health and Disease
Kathalene Harris February 27, 2013 Families of children with cancer
There are many different types of cancer that are well known, not all of them are commonly found in children. The most common cancer we find in children today is Leukemia. What causes cancer cells to form? A normal cell will “grow, divide, and die in an orderly fashion.” (cancer.org). When our cells start dividing and growing this is when they become abnormal cells. Cancers of the bone marrow and blood are the most common cancer in children affecting approximately about 34% of children today.

Leukemia attaches and forms in your blood cells, when there is an overabundance of white blood cells in your body. Usually your white blood cells will protect you from infections but at times they just do not divide when you need them. They reproduce which in turn makes them an abnormal cell. Risk factors

Genetic risk factors:
This is where we inherit something from our parents or a family member; it is in our body’s makeup which is called DNA. You could have a brother or sister who has had leukemia or Immune system deficiencies. Lifestyle risk factors:

Although there is a possibility of lifestyle risk it is unlikely that it would have anything to do with childhood leukemia. Environmental risk factors:
Extended exposure to radiation.
Immune suppressor treatment.

There is no real way to detect or prevent childhood cancers, some of the signs could be fatigue, rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, fever. Just to name a few. Early detection is the best preventative action that we can take. I am not really sure that there is any way to make an early detection of cancer in a child.

How does cancer affect our bodies? Basically what happens is that when you have to...

References: www.cancer.org
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