Families and Its Beliefs

Topics: Family, Want, Nuclear family Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Families and its beliefs
A family is a group of people who help and care for each other and will stay together. In this generation many people do not have a blood related family. Families can be made with other relatives and friends. Families are the people to help when they are in need and have no one else to turn too. In the book, “Reviving Ophelia: saving the selves of adolescent girls,” the author, Mary Pipher is trying to say that the community as a whole is the reason why so many families are so broken, but some people still manage to have families of their own. Pipher explains to us that there are families out there that aren’t biologically related, but it doesn’t stop them from loving each other unconditionally. Families can be made through relatives and friends, but even through this, not everyone has the skill to be included. Families can be anyone that loves them, cares for them, and will stick by them no matter what happens. Even though some families are not blood related, that doesn’t stop them from lending money to another member in need or just to be there to talk to when the other person is stressed. These things are what families do; regardless of their blood relationships.

Pipher tells us about an alternative to having a family if one does not have one. She informs us about “formed families”, which is solution to a family for those that doesn’t already have one. Although this aid people in their search for a family, this isn’t always the case because members of a “formed family” do not always have as much acceptance for you as a person. This becomes a problem for many people are shy, and for people who have diseases that limits their social skills like Alzheimer. Friendship is hard to make around the world where people are just so busy and in their own little worlds where they are all just worked based have no time for friends anymore. Because of this, many people are left out with these formed families. Pipher tells us although there are...
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