Familial Love and Family differences

Topics: Family, Love, Emotion Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 2, 2014
Living in a home where diverse cultural backgrounds collide under one roof, I get to experience different ways of familial love from different personalities; from my mother’s delicious cooking, to my sister’s affectionate hugs and my father’s goofiness, there is always something to make me feel loved. With a mother from Bulgaria and a father from Brazil I really get to live the best of both worlds. Whether it’s sampling a new traditional Bulgarian recipe from my mother, spending a moment listening to my sister’s latest ideas on fashion, or seeing the crazy side of my father when he sings a Brazilian 60’s song, my family is never short on ways to create a loving atmosphere at home. My mother’s love for cooking is imprinted into every cell of my body. Wandering through the shelves, racks and pantry which are filled with all kinds of exotic spices and foods; you can only imagine what yummy things are made there. Throughout any normal day, the smells of different delicacies coming from the kitchen, is enough to stop anyone in their tracks. The scents of spicy cinnamon and sugar pumpkin pie, to the distinctive lemony aroma of a traditional Brazilian dish would float through the house and make my mouth water. Watching my mother cook, I get to see the dedication, effort and love that she puts into the various dishes; and this makes me appreciate her and the food even more. From stirring her signature ginger carrot soup which reminds me of the summer setting sun, to baking her famous wine cake, she always strives to prepare the most nutritious and healthiest food with love. Of all my family members, my younger sister Leela requires the most attention and gives the most love to those around her. Being the most emotional and explosive one in the family, along with my father she expresses her affection for others through physical contact. During one of the many moments of cuddling throughout the day, she would just come up to me and give me one of the biggest, fuzziest and...
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