Topics: Broadway theatre, Chicago, New York City Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Fame: the Musical Sensation

By JoJo Lau
Eagle’s Eye Reporter

If you are a musical fan like me, then “Fame” is definitely the movie of the year. Although the average actors are in their teens, they act very well. Other than this, it definitely made me want to take dancing classes. “Fame” is an updated version of a 1980’s TV show ‘Fame’. It is about the lives of a group of students at a New York performing-arts high school. This remake features a lot of gleaming performances, and complex music and dance sections. It features an unrehearsed dance jam in the cafeteria and an attempted subway suicide. The musical numbers are very intriguing throughout the film, which covers a four-year time span. One musical sequence during the lunch break influences the entire body, which cannot resist joining the dance jam. These dances are as glamorous as can be. With their energy and ambition, it shows how the students are very into the music. Parents’ restrictions are one of the problems that the students face in school. When rare opportunities come along, parents didn’t allow their children to pursue other chances. For example, when a singer has an opportunity to record a CD with her friends and to become a big star, her parents don’t allow her to do so. This illustrates that no matter what obstacles they may face, they will always follow their passion to be a success in their dream. They are great role models for me to follow. Friendship is really important in this industry. A band sends their demo tape to a recording company, and the manager only likes the singer in the band, but not the other two members. The singer didn't accept the invitation to become a star because she didn't want to sell her other two members out. With this one example, it shows the audience how they are loyal to their friends, not only the music that they create. A teacher belting out a song at a karaoke bar seems to exist only to remind students of the gritty reality that...
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