Topics: Logic, Hasty generalization, Argument Pages: 4 (1044 words) Published: June 7, 2015
Erik Razal
Professor Dougherty
English 1C
05 June 2015
The Weakness in Fallacies
Fallacies are land minds hidden beneath a flatbed of language. They appear hidden to the eye that lacks the knowledge about them. Most go by undetected and cloaked. We experience them everyday and a lot of them go through our heads because we are unaware of them. Depending on how elaborate the fallacy is, it can potentially sway people to a certain decision, either mundane or crucial. Identifying fallacies are important because you can develop the ability to break down arguments, to see weak and strong points about the arguments and even advertisements to see if what they are promoting is valid. There are plenty of fallacies embedded within Camille Paglia’s article, On Date Rape, in which she argues about how it is somehow also the victims fault as well as the accusers fault for which the rape occurred. She unleashes a passionate argument about the topic; unfortunately, fallacies rear their ugly head and expose weak points throughout the argument. Paglia’s use of fallacies namely appeal to authority, hasty generalization and red herring present weaknesses embedded in the argument, which therefore weakens the integrity of the argument as a whole. In the very first paragraph of the article, the author carelessly demonstrates the appeal to authority fallacy, which consequently weakens the integrity of the argument. In the text the author paints a picture of her past by describing how strict it was for woman living under college jurisdiction. It is in this passion of angst where she states the fallacy, “My generation was the one that broke these rules. We said, “We want freedom—no more double standard!””(WLTC 152). The author tries to claim that it was her generation that sparked the movement for female rights and highlighted gender inequalities even though woman rights movement dates back many years before the sixties. Alongside this, the author is not an expert in woman’s...
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