Fallacies in the Movie High Noon

Topics: Fallacy, Question, Logical fallacies Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: May 20, 2012

High Noon, a western film mostly respected by conservative viewers, and endlessly ranked over by critics. This was an exciting movie considering it was a black and white film. The whole movie was about the loyalty of a town marshal named Kane and the betrayal of the town. After watching High Noon, there were a lot of fallacies that were depicted through out the movie such as begging the question, ad hominem, slippery slope, and Inconsistency. The characters in the movie do a great job at portraying each of these fallacies.

At the beginning of the movie, as Kane and Amy are riding away for their honeymoon, Kane stops the prairie and claims that he has to go back and states “this is crazy”. When Amy questions Kane and states, “she doesn’t understand any of this”, he offers little explanation finally saying, “I don’t got time to tell you”. This scene is a good example of begging the question because he is evading the question by saying there is no time to explain. We as the audience can see there would be plenty of time for Kane to actually explain Amy why he decides to go back since he’s on a prairie and long ways away from town. The statement that Kane makes is questionable and he is definitely evading the question.

One of the characters in the church scene says, “If we don’t do what’s right, there is only one thing to do, and you all know what that is.” This is another good example of begging the question because the individual is arguing that they need to do “what’s right” but doesn’t answer the questions but rather evades the question that Kane is asking.

A great example of Ad hominem is portrayed in the church scene when Kane enters the church and states “I don’t want to disturb the services” and the priest cries, “You already have, you don’t come to the church very often. When you got married today you didn’t see fit to marry here, what seems to be so important that brings you here.” This is a good example of Ad Hominem because...
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