Fall Protection Reference Guide: Subpart M and L, Systems and Scenarios Outline

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FallProtection ReferenceGuide
SubpartM&LSystems &ScenariosOutline

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I. Fall Protection Systems a. Subpart M Systems 1926.502(b): Guardrail Systems 1926.502(c): Safety Net Systems 1926.502(d): Personal Fall Arrest Systems 1926.502(e): Positioning Device Systems 1926.502(f): Warning Line Systems 1926.502(g): Controlled Access Zones 1926.502(h): Safety Monitoring System 1926.502(i): Covers 1926.502(k): Fall Protection Plan b. Subpart L Systems 1926.451(g): Fall Protection of Scaffolds 1926.453(b): Arial Lifts II. Fall Protection Scenarios a. Subpart M Scenarios 1926.501(b)(1): Unprotected Sides & Edges 1926.501(b)(2): Leading Edges 1926.501(b)(3): Hoist Areas 1926.501(b)(4): Holes 1926.501(b)(5): Formwork & Reinforcing Steel 1926.501(b)(6): Ramps, Runways & other Walkways Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 8 8 9 9 9 10 Pages Pages 6-7 7 Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4 4-5 5 5 5-6

1926.501(b)(7): Excavations 1926.501(b)(8): Dangerous Equipment 1926.501(b)(9): Overhand Bricklaying & Related Work 1926.501(b)(10): Roofing Work – Low Slope 1926.501(b)(11): Roof Work – Steep Roof 1926.501(b)(12): Precast Concrete Erection 1926.501(b)(13): Residential Construction 1926.501(b)(14): Wall Openings 1926.501(b)(15): Other Walking/Working Surfaces b. Subpart L Scenarios 1926.451(g)(1): Boatswains’, Ect 1926.451(g)(2): Single or two Point adjustable Scaffold 1926.451(g)(3): Crawling Board 1926.451(g)(4): Self Contained Adjustable Scaffold 1926.451(g)(5): Walkway within Scaffolds 1926.451(g)(6): Overhand Bricklaying 1926.451(g)(7): Other not Specified 1926.453(g)(1): Arial Lifts

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Fall Protection Systems a. Subpart M i. 1926.502(b): Guardrail Systems

1. Height of top rails = 42” +- 3”. 2. 45” height in special circumstances. 3. Stilts: height increased an amount equal to the height of the stilts. 4. Midrails, screens, mesh, or intermediate vertical members required in the absence of a wall at least 21” high. 5. Midrails - placed halfway up guardrails. 6. Screens & mesh - span the entire opening 7. Intermediate members - no more than 19” apart. 8. Other structural members - no openings > than 19”. 9. Withstand 200lbs without failure. 10. Deflection height not < 39” above working level. 11.Midrails, screens, mesh, & intermediate vertical members must withstanding 150lbs without failure. 12.Set up to prevent injury to an employee & prevent clothes from catching. 13.Ends of top & Midrails can’t overhang the end posts 14.Exception: Out of the work area. 15.Top & Midrails cannot be made of steel or plastic banding. 16.Top & Midrails = at least ¼” (prevents cuts) 17.Wire rope: flagged every 6’ 18.Chain or gate required at hoisting areas 19.Guardrails required around all hole sides. 20.Holes used for material two sides must have removable gates 21.Hole must be covered when not in use. 22. “Point of access” holes require a gate or an offset. 23.Ramps & runways: Guardrails at unprotected sides. 24.Midrails of plastic/synthetics require inspections.

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1926.502(c): Safety Net Systems.
Installed as close as possible under the working surface Installed no more than 30 feet below the working level. Unobstructed fall area in bridges. Safety net extents: Vertical 5 feet - Horizontal 8 feet, vertical 10 - Horizontal 10 feet, vertical >10 feet, Horizontal 13 feet. Installed with enough clearance below. Capable of absorbing a specified impact force. Drop test @ highest working level of a 400lb sand bag: Initial install, relocated, major repair, & every 6 months.

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9. Certification record is adequate in lieu of a drop test where a drop test is deemed impossible. 10. Latest certification kept on the...
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