Fall of the British Empire

Topics: British Empire, United Kingdom, British Raj Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: March 18, 2011
not rebel on the invasion of the Japanese , this was insulting to the statue of British power. And then following in 1942 was the fall of Singapore, Burma and Tobruk in Africa. Even though all these colonies were restored after the War, the fall of them did have a huge impact on the Empire. Most significantly was the fall of Singapore, as according to Churchill “it was the worst humiliation of the British army ever.” Such event taking place gave a new image of Britain; it made her look weak, and it slowly started destroying its ability to maintain colonial power. The Fall of Singapore is also significant, as when it was invaded by the Japanese it was given its independence, while Japanese propaganda was all over radio stations in Burma promoting the idea of independence. These stations were heard in India and influenced the public’s opinion . Even the Indian national army who is supposed to be an ally of the British fought alongside the Japanese during the invasion of Singapore . After the invasion of Burma, Japan threatened to invade Australia and New Zeeland, which made them turn to the US for protection . This again demonstrated Britain weakness and incapability of defending its own colonies. The War did not only affect Britain’s prestige as a world power, but it also affected its economy, and that was the reason why the Labour Party, US, and a few conservatives like MacMillan, and Attlee wonder if it’s in Britain benefit to keep the colonies. After the war, Britain was not able to afford all the costs it was paying, after it all it was relying heavily on the US, Britain was deep in debt. After the fall of France, the British had to disregard the idea of not borrowing money in order to obtain what they needed in order to survive, which meant depending on the Unites States again, just like they did in World War one and “ if we are unable to pay, America would nevertheless continue to deliver” Churchill said. After the war many factories were bombed,...
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