Fall of Rome Essay

Topics: Ancient Rome, Separation of powers, Roman Empire Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Khobe Carpenter
Mr. Amori period 4
I believe that are United States government will not collapse as Rome’s government did. The United States government will prevent collapse. Because the United States sets money aside for school funding and just doesn’t give it all to the military. Although the united states how ever does give a lot of money to the military but just not all. So this is my opinion. The Romans government is different from the United States government because. They were lead by people named consuls. Consuls lead the roman government women were not allowed to be consuls. There would always be two different consuls. Consuls decided if a war should start or if the taxes got raised, basically they made all the decisions for the Roman Empire. The consuls made bad decisions with the money such giving all the money to the military this is what made the roman government collapse if they at least left some money aside the government probably would not have collapsed. The U.S.A government has three branches of government: a legislative, an executive and a judiciary. These branches and their various powers. These powers all help out with different things. Like the judiciary branch handles everything for the courts. The legislative branch passes or denies laws so basically they make the laws. The executive branch has all the authority and the power. The Government is controlled by all of these branches therefore I believe that our government will not collapse. There are a few similarities of the US government and the roman government. Such as the both have excessive military spending. Also they both are lead by more than one person. Wealthy people are most likely to get elected. They both have written law codes that the citizens have to follow. There may be a lot of more similarities but these are the ones I came up with. Well this is why I think that the US government will not collapse. Have gave...
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