Fall of Roman Empire

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Fall of Roman Empire
In the history of world, from the very beginning to till now many empires and civalizations rose to the glory some for decades, some for centuries, but after glory every empire falls, after their decline and fall that left are their remains which tells the tales of their glory and might, but some of the empires fall so bad that thier remain just disappeared. In this research the empire to be disscuesed is the Roman Empire. Every glories Empire has one day to decline and fall, but every decline has causes and resons behind them, so we are going to discuss some of the key factors that played important role in the fall of once a mighty empire. The empire which was said to be unconquereable, and undefeatable because of its huge expensions and its population as well as its governance, and the key factors due to which that mighty empire had to see its decline.

Background and History:
The beginning and foundation of Roman empire is a myth. Rome began anexing provinces in the 3rd century BC. Augustus became the first emperor of Roman Empire after he defeated Cleopatra in 31 BC, saving the Roman Empire and making Egypt its province. The reign of Agustus whose real name was Octavious and Augustus was the title given to him lasted for 40 years, era known as the "Golden Age" rome as rome has extended its territories very large.[1]

During Antiquity Age or Ancient age Rome was known as the biggest Economical, Military, Social power of the world along with other big Empires like Persia. Rome had the civilized socierty, great architecture, government structure, military, huge territory mostly expanding over the now a days Europe, and great power status. During its early stages religion of rome was polytheistic which they inspired from Ancient Greek dieties and by changing the names of dieties took the religion but later Chritianity took over the Rome and became the state religion of Rome [2]. .

After seeing the era of glory and as the Biggest Empire of ancient age, Era of Roman empire came to an end. After its end Chritian Roman Empire came to existence.

Factors for the Decline of Roman Empire.
Religious Factor:
For every civilization and Empire religion has been the main factor for the rise and fall of it. So as the case with Roman Empire religion has been considered as one of the main Factors to which it falls from the glory. During the Ancient Ages the state religion of the Roman Empire was polytheistic, which the people of Rome had assumed from the Greek dieties, they changed thier name and acquired it as their religion. In the Roman Empire same dieties were worshiped but under the different name in different parts of the Empire. People were tolerent and accomodating towords new dieties and the the religious expiriences of other people. After the beginning and spreading of Christianity, which people accepted quickly as the belief of Chritianity was to beleive in one God insted of worshiping different dieties.Christianity also gave the belief in the after life and hope and courage to people who desperate. At first Christianity was supressed in early ages, but after Emperor Constantine pronounced Christianity as the states religion, the new religion grew its root in the lower class of society and with time to the whole Empire. As the growth of Christianity the church and monestry grew into power so the power of pope, with the decline in the authority of the Emperor. Which is thought be one of the reasons behind the Decline of Roman Empire. [3]

Decline in Moral Values:
One of the main Reason for the fall of the Roman empire was the decline in the moral values of the society, especially in the difference between the upper rich classes, nobles and emperors. Immoral and unathical behavoiours such as adultry and orgies rise, and so the borthel and forced prostituation flourished. With the decline in the morals of the society saw the decline in petroitism in people and...
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