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Topics: Better, Computer, Identity document Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: September 16, 2007
In months before college, Christy, an Elementary Education major at Florida State, purchased the usual college necessities: sheets, picture frames, towels, pillows, stationary, and food. But that wasn't all Christy brought from her Philadelphia home. There was something else she decided she needed to get before moving to Florida: a fake ID.

Almost everything on her new "license" was correct - it listed her real name, home address, signature and photograph. The only thing missing was her real age.
Fake ID scandals are a big problem in the United States, especially within college towns. The computer technology out there now is huge. Improvements to the average computer and printer have made it easy for students to become entrepreneurs, making fake IDs and selling them for as much as $80.

There have been many new advances in technology in recent years. Because of these advances, such as computers and the Internet, fake IDs are becoming easier to get, and their quality is improving. These advances make it hard to tell apart a fake ID from the real thing.

Teenagers are designing millions of Fake Drivers' Licenses regardless of the new security features states are creating. If you really can not wait until your twenty first birthday, go to the Internet. The Internet has almost any answer you are looking for. There are Websites that offer guidelines and/or ‘kits' to make valid looking driver's licenses. The kit will explain everything you need and a step-by-step process.

It is ridiculous how easy it is for teenagers to fake their identity as a twenty-one year old. Sometimes I can not blame them for taking advantage of the technology we have at our finger tips. There is new technology introduced to us everyday. Where would we be if we did not test it out? Definitely not where we are today.

Today, with the technology, there is no stopping teenagers from figuring out how to get what they want. ‘Despite the stepped-up efforts against fake IDs,...
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