Fake Friends

Topics: Friendship, Core issues in ethics, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue, Lie, Deception / Pages: 2 (388 words) / Published: Jul 23rd, 2013
How you describe a false friend.

A false friend is somebody who will just be with us for their own benefits , they are parasite. They sick to us as long as we serve their purposes. A fake friend , is somebody who will share a good relationship with us when we are useful to them and abundant us when we are in trouble. They are mean , insincere and are more likely to betray us

They never put any effort in the friendship but they will expect people to call , invite or visit them without giving the same effort . They will say in public that ‘ you are their friends ‘’ but their actions reveal something else. They back stab… They lie to us , broke our trust. Sometimes they are judgemental , they will criticized us. They are so quick to laugh and criticized a person in their presence in your face saying- " you can't do that! That's impossible!" They are always trying to talk a person out of their dreams. Sometimes, one makes their dream as a reality! They are the same people laughing and smiling in your face saying - "That's my boy! That's my friend! He did it! He's talented!" They are hypocrites.
Instead of encouraging you in your study they will discourage. They will not found happiness in your happiness , they envy us. And they will encourage us to adopted they negatives attitudes and do harmful things such as smoking and drinking alcohol. unsuccessful They are more interested in others businesses than their own business. They talk to us , make themselves trustable and then talk about us behind our back. They fake promises , they are more like to say "I promise not to tell a soul, which you can tell me anything!" But , as soon as that fake friend gets out of that person's presence, he or she has told other people about their business. They are so fake.

They don’t keep their words and act like they do not care. But when others do the same thing , they get mad about it. Well ! I’ll say one get what she or he deserves. We may have spend a lot of time

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