Faith Og Humanity

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Faith in Humanity

Faith in Humanity
By : Renee Muse
Essay written in the 7th grade. Please not that my opinions on the second paragraph have changed and I probably should rewrite it.

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Faith in Humanity


Faith in Humanity

Faith in Humanity
Faith in Humanity
By Renee B.
I believe that having faith in humanity is trusting other people to do the right thing. Having faith in humanity is trusting yourself, as well as the rest of civilization to make something of this world. Having faith in humanity is putting eternity into the cradled arms of trillions of people whom very few you have ever met or will ever meet. To have faith in humanity is to believe somehow that the chaos of this universe will eventually be resolved by those ahead of us in the timeline of what we call the future. Gerda Weissmann expressed her faith in humanity in an excerpt from her story. She did this by explaining why the Jews hadnâ t fought or rebelled against the Nazis during the Holocaust. They didnâ t fight back because they were astonished by the cruelty of what was happening. They just could not believe that humanity was capable of having so much hatred within itself causing it to destroy its own people. You would think they would lose their faith and trust in what humans were making of the world. Yet, they chose to trust and not interfere.

Reading Gerda Weissmannâ s story brings me to the question whether I, myself, have faith in humanity. This is a question that Iâ m not quite sure how to answer. Believe it or not, I donâ t have much trust in what is happening in the world today. I know it sounds almost rude but no, I find it very hard to believe humanity can resolve the chaos of what is happening here. In fact, I believe that humanity is mainly the cause of the chaos that is going on. Countries argue, go to war, and even attack each other over money,...
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