Faith-Based Social Service Organization

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(“Faith-based” social service organization)
I choose to research Habitat for Humanity for a “faith-based” social service organization. I was much uninformed of this organization, but thought I knew the services they provided. For example, I thought this organization gave away houses, but instead they provide reasonable mortgage loans. I also didn’t know this organization was Christian based. This organization also receives funding from the government. Habitat for Humanity provides many families with roofs over their heads and in stows faith within their communities.

Habitat for Humanity does not give away free homes to anyone. Habitat for Humanity provides housing that families can afford. Every family that receives a home puts in as much work as a volunteer and they contribute 300 to 500 hours of "sweat equity" on the construction of their home or someone else's home, as their website states. The website states there are a lot of myths about Habitat for Humanity. People assume families receive completely free homes, when in fact this is not true. A lot of hard work goes into building these homes and all of the future home owners put in an equal amount of hard work. Habitat for Humanity receives many donations for a new home and provides the family with an affordable mortgage. Habitat for Humanity states “Habitat for Humanity offers homeownership opportunities to families who are unable to obtain conventional house financing. Generally, this includes those whose income is 30 to 50 percent of the area's median income. In most cases, prospective Habitat homeowner families make a $500 down payment.”

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian based organization, but does not discriminate against religion. Habitat for Humanity provides homes for families of any religion, race, or any other difference. Habitat for Humanity also provides faith in communities and in stows Christian beliefs into families of need. Habitat for Humanity states “Habitat's ministry is based on...
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