Faith as a way of knowing

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Faith as a way of knowing

Faith is a peculiar thing. At the same time it can be encouraging and blinding. One can have faith in the validity of something even having the proof of its invalidity in plain sight. This is when faith becomes something that sets us back instead of pushing us forward. As well as this faith can be counter productive if by way of having it one loses interest in looking for the proof. For example, if someone deeply believes that the water of a certain river is red then it might come to a point where the person will not go and check if it actually is. Alternatively the person might decide to go once, find out it is indeed red and then never go back and check if it still is. The latter is a problem that one could see occurring in the field of science. Faith can also be helpful if by way of faith a person can achieve happiness. For a large section of the population it doesn’t matter if they are right or if they are justified. If following a faith makes them happy then why bother trying to question it? One person’s truth can vary from another person’s truth. Because of this, if something is true for someone then who is someone else to question that truth?

The oxford dictionary defines faith as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” and as “strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof”. If we base ourselves on the first definition then faith is something applied in everyday life. For example, if it weren’t for faith then no one would invest in up and coming companies, the whole economy would collapse. We can only have proof to a certain extent, after that its all about faith, no one could know for sure that apply would become a multibillion dollar company, but some people had faith in it. According to the first definition it is possible for someone to have his or her faith in science, but science itself is not based on faith. Science doubts everything, even...
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