Faith and Reason

Topics: Epistemology, Philosophy, Reasoning Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Faith and Reason: Their roles in religious and secular life
Donald A.Crosby

In Faith and Reason, Donald A. Crosby analyzes dynamics of faith and how the interaction between the two enables us to live meaningful lives .He aims to correct misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions about both faith and reason-especially associating faith only with religious expressions and communities ,and reason exclusively with secular life and scientific cultures . He argues that we must recognize and strive to maintain a reasonable faith (one that integrates rational criticism and experimental reflection) and a faithful reason(one that acknowledges that all reasoning processes are shaped by basic attitudes that are faithful in nature) in order” to find ways to live productively and meaningfully in the world” .By this he means aspiring towards and open-minded and responsible way of life sensitive to the health of the natural world.

In the first chapter, Crosby explains he will support his conclusions by defining faith existentially: “By existential I mean faith with this meaning underlines, shapes and supports the distinctive quality of a person’s existence or life, its fundamental sense of purpose and direction, aim and orientation” .He refers to this as “lived faith” rather than “announced faith” that can be expressed in discrete beliefs .It is inextricably bound up with our most essential reasoning and emotional processes and shapes the practical choices we make every day .As such, all perspectives, whether religious or secular, partake in faith, though they exhibit many different types.

In chapter 2, he develops this definition by explaining six dimensions of faith- worldview ,trust ,devotion ,hope ,courage ,and doubt .In the next chapter, he discusses “the knowledge aspect” of faith itself, and the indispensable role of faith in all forms of knowing, and then more particularly in scientific ways of knowing .He maintains that all knowing relies on basal...
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