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What is Faith? There are multiple ways one can use the word Faith.

Life isn't always what it seems because at the end of every day and the beginning of every morning you have no idea what might happen, which in turn is why someone should never give up and always have Faith. But what does Faith really mean? Is there even a special definition for it? Each and every individual is going to have their own answer to this question. It can differ so much considering all of the different cultures, social status’, Religious beliefs and just the way they were brought up in general. Although everyone’s answer would be different, in the end it all leads in the same direction. When you look “Faith” up in the dictionary it states the definition as "belief in something for which there is no proof and complete trust." Although, everyone's definition may be worded differently than what is says in the dictionary, it all ties in with the word “Belief”

My own take on Faith is probably like most others. I define Faith as believing in something. You cannot believe in something without having Faith

that it will all turn out the way it is supposed to. Many people that I have talked to about this seem to think that faith is something only religious people can have. That is completely false in my opinion. In order to function day to day I feel as if you need faith to get through all of the tough things that are thrown at you. I haven’t been very religious up until these last couple years of my life, and I can see a huge difference in the way that I think now versus back then. I have so much more positivity in my life now that I “Believe” in the fact that having Faith can only lead you to better things. If someone does not have Faith, they seem to be the people who bad luck follows and only have negativity in their lives.

To find out for myself how people view Faith, I asked around to multiple people about their stance on the subject. I asked a variety of different...
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