Fairytales in a Modern Culture

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Ginger Christian
October 24, 2012
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Midterm Essay
Fairytales in a Modern Culture
In an article from Plato’s Republic, he strongly argues that the ‘greater part of our stories we shall have to reject’ as models and examples for our children to follow because we do not want to suggest values for moral conduct. Many arguments have risen over claiming classic tales are bad for our children. I believe, for the most part, children will be able to recognize the difference between stories and realistic aims and expectations of life. Also, at the same time they should be exposed to lots of different stories and stimuli so classic tales alone are not going to have a stronger impact on their development than the influences the media portrays on a daily basis in their lives. The media has been proven to affect not only today's youth but the majority of the world's population. With television, radio, advertising, movies, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the media affects the entire population in many ways which can be directly seen. A survey study, compiled by Teen People magazine, demonstrated that 27 per cent of the girls felt pressurized by the media to have a perfect body, with 69 per cent of the girls basing their idea of the perfect body on models featured in magazines that their parents have lying around the home.

Fairy tales and classic tales encourage imagination and creative thinking. They are a form of escapism and are a part of popular culture and literature. We learn from the characters in stories, even as adults. They help us because we connect to our own lives, dreams, anxieties, and consider what we would do in their shoes. Fairy tales help children learn how to navigate life. Just make sure that you expose them to other ideas too, and that you read the stories yourself first and help to educate them on the messages.

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