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Topics: Cinderella, English-language films, A Cinderella Story Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: July 5, 2014
Kassidy Bizzotto
July 1 2014

In the fairy tale Cinderella, there are many elements that contribute to the message of the tale. One element demonstrated in this tale it the good character. The good character, being Cinderella, is an example of kindness and she shows how being nice to even the nastiest people can get you far in life. Another element is magic and enchantment. This element shows how friendship can make even the worst situation a little bit better. Cinderella has an unloving family but she experiences happiness once she talks to the animals. Next, the earth mother is also evident in this tale. The fairy godmother forces Cinderella to explain her goals and how she is going to reach them. This shows that having a goal for your life can give you the motivation and strength to achieve it. Next, the royalty, being the prince, demonstrates the lesson of living in the moment. Once with the prince, Cinderella suddenly worries of nothing else in her life and only focuses on the happiness of her current situation.

This tale speaks to a modern audience by showing that situations get better. In Cinderella a poor girl ends up marrying high royalty and this could show a modern audience that never giving up can bring out positive outcomes. This is evident through the modern interpretation of Cinderella, A Cinderella Story, it is placed in a high school setting and bullying is an issue throughout the movie. The girl is both being bullied from her friends and family, yet she ends up being in a relationship with the most popular guy in school. This tale can also tell a modern audience that believing in you is the most important quality of life. If Cinderella did not believe in her own morals she could have easily turned just as evil as her family was to her, but because she stayed true to herself, she ended up on top of them.

This fairy tale possesses a timeless quality because each lesson shown in the tale can still be used today in modern society. Families...
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