Fairy Tale

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The Angel
Contrasted to garden of eden
Eden=man’s demise
Angel= rise up to the divine
Centered around nostalgia
Romanticized to relish all good memories
Bridge between dream and reality
The comet
Comet and man are symbols of cycle of life
Everything is harmonious and creates gentle tone (biedermier) Soul is going with the comet so it is moving upward
Andersen not fond of school teachers but believed that education was important and a person engaging with children are the good kind The Hills of the Elves
King trades boots with fairytale telling sister
Bouregious institution of marriage
Andersen bows to his own talent by saying that whoever marries a person who can tell a fairytales, you will never get bored with them Snow queen
First story:
Represents humanity (see negative sides of life)
Alter ego when you looked in the mirror
2nd story:
Pure, innocence liked to poor/poverty
3rd story:
Andersen critizing people who mock (because Kai is mocking people when he becomes evil) Gerda throwing red shoes into river can be seen as giving up budding sexuality to find playmate River says that she is not ready to be an adult so she proceeds to be a child throughout life Going down river= journey through life

Everyone is interested in only their own universe (flowers story) Gerda stays a child—goes from one gma to another gma
4th story:
Princess and prince are nice to gerda because they are children too Gerda raised way above her status qup
Led to disaster
5th story:
Story is all about good beating evil
Reindeer symbolizes freedom that has been contained
6th story:
Strength lies within innocence and heart
Needs to suffer here to prevail
7th story:
Spells eternity: represents Christian religion that goes on forever (pagan religion ends) Gerda uses religion to free him
Water of life
Sings the hymn
Adults but children at heart= key to paradise
Going down river=going on journey through life
Bouregious mom (toad) who is all about appearance
Biedernier because there is no pregnancy; just that she was born from a flower Girl can represent ugly duckling because she is the outcast in the maybug society Girl is going lower and lower into the ground (no upward movement) Mole is bouregious: stands for practical matter; never goes up to the sun; no adventure=only security Girl went against female nature and shes rewarded for it

Has been on downward journey but is rewarded to be in the air (find true nature/where she is meant to be) Talisman
Couple found happiness in shepard and wife who was the closet to nature Without knowing it, you are happy being who you are
Biedermier theme
Princess is a product of society (does not realize the beauty of the rose and nightingale) Prince takes away sexuality by kisses which she is supposed to save for marriage (almost like a prostitute) Everyone loses in end

Father loses only air to throne
Princess kicked out of kingdom
Prince did not get princess
Verbal and rhetorical irony
Prince represents male substance
The naughty boy
Andersen may be feeling the love (age 30 when he wrote this) Andersen is the poet who opens the door for cupid
Cupid is the wet little boy so his appearance is deceived
Man gives cupid apple (temptation) but situational irony because man falls Gold arrow=love; lead arrow=hate
Naughty because he bring about love or naughty because he brings presediment of love with no fulfillment? The snowman
Snowman is a paradox (cold on outside and warm feelings on inside) Watch dog is voice of reason (has seen all seasons and human culture related to nature) Sun becomes symbolic representation of passion

Too much love/heat and it will burn you
Snowman is too ignornant to listen to dog
Feelings over intellect
Andersen is going against nature
Cannot have a warm snowman
Snowman desperately wants a mate
Can be parallel to how Andersen wants love too
Pact of friendship
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