Fairness and Diversity in the Workplace

Topics: Affirmative action, Distributive justice, Justice Pages: 5 (886 words) Published: October 19, 2013

Learning Objectives
Module 11.1
Distinguish between the concepts of justice, fairness, and trust. Describe the concepts of distributive, procedural, and interactional justice. Understand the impact of perceptions of injustice on attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

Module 11.2
Understand the conditions under which employees will feel justly treated in the performance evaluation process. Explain the concept of voice and how it is related to perceptions of fairness. Understand the common applicant reactions to selection procedures. Describe the different forms that Affirmative Action Programs can take. Describe how Affirmative Action Programs are related to justice perceptions.

Module 11.3
Explain the concept of diversity and discuss the different forms it can take. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of diversity in work groups. Describe the characteristics of organizations that are most likely to manage diversity successfully.

Chapter Outline

Module 11.1 Fairness
The Concept of Justice
Justice, Fairness, and Trust
Approaches to Organizational Justice
Distributive Justice
Procedural Justice
Interactional Justice
Deontic Justice
Justice versus Injustice
Module 11.2 The Practical Implications of Justice Perceptions Performance Evaluation
Applicant Perceptions of Selection Fairness
A Special Case of Applicant Reactions: Stereotype Threat
A Model of Applicant Decision Making
The Special Case of Affirmative Action
Culture and Affirmative Action Programs
Module 11.3 Diversity
What Does Diversity Mean?
The Dynamics of Diversity
Group and Multicultural Diversity
Managing Diversity from the Organizational Perspective
Leadership and Diversity

Glossary Terms for Chapter 11

This list of key terms and important concepts from Chapter 11 can be used in conjunction with reviewing the material in the textbook. After reviewing Chapter 11 in the textbook, define each of the following key terms and important concepts fully. Check your answers with the textbook, and review terms with which you have difficulty. Good luck!

Module 11.1
organizational justice
distributive justice
merit or equity norm
need norm
equality norm
procedural justice
interactional justice
deontic justice

Module 11.2
rational economic model
rational psychological model
organizational fit model
affirmative action

Module 11.3
relational demography
assimilation model
protection model
value model

Class Ideas for Chapter 11

1. New York Times Op-ed articles on Jan 24, 2003 by Nicholas Kristof and William Buckely on Affirmative Action (AA) in college admissions, which could be used for classroom debate/discussion. Two camps will likely remain in the AA debate -- those who think that AA is good and those who think it is bad -- both camps can be defined by justice mechanisms that are discussed in this chapter.

2. Jan 30, 2003 New York Times article (Page C2) about using marketing models to address Affirmative Action issues. The idea suggests that decision-makers have "ideal stereotypes" in selection scenarios. Students may see this as "out of the box" thinking and instructors can tie it to stereotypes.

3. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) articles of interest:

Avery, D.R. & McKay, P.F. (July 2007). The diversity report: how similarity makes us different: a minority perspective on community impact on work family balance. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 45(1), 65-70. Biddle, D. (April 2008). Are the uniform guidelines outdated? Federal guidelines, professional standards, and validity generalization. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 45 (4), 17-23. (Article discusses involvement of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the fairness of selection processes) Maynard, D. C., & Ferdman, B.M. (April 2009)....
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