Fair Trade Business Plan

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Fair Trade Business Plan


1 Executive Summary
2 Company Vision
3 Product/Service Description
3.1 Products
3.2 Services
4 Industry Analysis
4.1 Industry Overview
4.2 Company Niche
5 Competition Analysis
5.1 Direct Competition
5.2 Indirect Competition
5.3 SWOT Analysis
6 Marketing Plan
6.1 Target Market Demographic
6.2 Pricing Strategy
6.3 Advertising
6.4 Public Relations and Promotion
6.5 Market Research
7 Operations Plan
7.1 Location
7.2 Equipment
7.3 Purchasing Policies & Quality Control
7.4 Staffing and Training
8 Conclusion

1 Executive Summary

This business plan proposes the development of an exclusively Fair Trade retail store trading as The Company and supporting e-commerce website.

The business concept will cater for a quickly developing market niche, to be the first entirely Fair Trade major retail store, selling a range of Fair Trade goods including food and clothing from third world producers. The business will take advantage of the growing trend towards ethical shopping and rapidly increasing interest in Fair Trade goods. Sales of Fair Trade products have risen 20% each year since 2000, and the aggregate annual net retail value of Fair Trade products in Europe alone is now over €660m (£456m).

The business’ primary target market will be consumers within the 25-44 age categories, in the social groupings AB to C1, which research has identified as being the earliest adopters of Fair Trade products. The business will be located in a prime retail location to attract customers shopping in other nearby premium and independent retailers.

The business will operate with sole trader status and be run by myself, The Owner, with voluntary assistance from family members at peak times such as Saturdays.

2 Company Vision

The Company is dedicated to becoming a premium retail brand and the first choice for socially aware shoppers. The business will provide exceptional Fair Trade products made from ingredients produced in the ‘third world’, supported by a personal passion for Fair Trade to inform and enthuse customers. The Company aims to gain a reputation as the place to become informed about and purchase Fair Trade products that fit into the socially aware consumer’s lifestyle, and stimulate new demand for Fair Trade products. The company will aim to take advantage of the excellent PR opportunities which such a unique concept could attract, and drive sales through word of mouth and other marketing routes. The long term vision is to become a brand synonymous with quality and uniqueness, become the No.1 Internet retailer of Fair Trade products, and expand into a chain of shops throughout the country.

3 Product/Service Description

3.1 Products

A diverse range of goods will be sold in store and through the website, all carrying the FAIRTRADE mark to reassure consumers that the product meets five key guarantees as set by the Fairtrade Foundation. There are over 1500 certified products which carry the FAIRTRADE mark, and both food (including organic) and non-food products will be selected for sale.

Food items for sale in-store will include:
A small selection of fruit, including pineapples, coconuts and bananas (in-store only). •Chocolate, including a wide range of products from the brands Dubble, Divine, Traidcraft Rico and Green & Black’s. These will include seasonal variations such as Easter eggs. •Cocoa/hot chocolate, carrying labels including Clipper, CocoDirect, Day Chocolate Company, Green & Black’s, and Traidcraft. •Instant and ground coffee, the biggest selling Fair Trade products. Brands sold will include Cafédirect, Clipper, Nescafe Partners Blend and Percol. •Tea, as with the majority of coffee producing brands above, plus Teadirect. •Sugar.

Fruit Passion fruit juice, non-chilled.
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