Fair Trade

Topics: Fair trade, Coffee, Middle Man Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: March 18, 2013
I think fair-trade is to benefit the coffee industry. It benefits everyone in the coffee industry from the farmers to the consumers. It’s a benefit because it helps farmers, fair trade is safe for everyone, fair working conditions, fair trade supports communities, fair trade reduces the number of middle men, it has a better outcome for cafes, reduces the number of steps in a commodity chain, is better for the environment Fairtrade helps farmers because the farmer can get a fair price for their coffee and can afford many useful things like health care for their family. A usual farmer gets paid less than 50cents for their hard work on growing quality coffee beans 50cents will not allow them to support their family money wise. Fair trade makes sure that the farmers can support their family so they can send their children to school for a proper education. They can use that money for their weekly items, like food, toiletries etc... The farmers have a voice in how their workplace is run and who they would like to export coffee beans to. Fair trade also lets farmers build their own business instead of working for a middle man, and exporting the coffee beans themselves instead of the middlemen and the profits stay in their community and go back to their businesses. Fair trade is safe for everyone because fair trade has farm management systems that make soil fertility and preserve precious ecosystems and limit the use of harmful fertilizers that put the farmer in a dangerous situation. Food is safer for you and for the people who make it. Fair trade offers fair working conditions to provide a safe and healthy working environment for farmers. Some farmers live in very critical farms where health and safety are ignored usually these critical cases include farmers being poisoned by the chemicals they use on the coffee plants this puts a very huge life risk on the farmers. Importers must be aware of the health and safety conditions of farmers who they purchase coffee beans...
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