fair or unfair

Topics: Debut albums, Meaning of life, Life Pages: 7 (1430 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Sofia Canales
Mr. Carr
English 1301-P02
April 10, 2015

The question of fairness is based on the assumption that good is rewarded and bad is punished, by God or the universe or whatever (www.realizinghappiness.com). If life is unfair to everyone, doesn’t that make it fair to everyone? Unfairness between different people is the difference of environment between different lives. Each form of unfairness is different, making no one fair either way. Unfairness is the filler word for a difference of negatives in a person's life. You can't use it in a logical statement unless you take out all of the different versions of, using them as they are supposed to be used. It is true that life is not fair. It is also true that it is. It all depends on whose eyes you are looking through. The truth is, life is just playing by different rules. The real rules are there. They actually make sense. But they’re a bit more complicated, and a lot less comfortable, which is why most people never manage to learn them (oliveremberton.com). Every single person clearly have no choice about how he or she come into this world; this girl have long believed that while anyone have no control over the beginning of life, the overwhelming majority of the people have the ability to influence the outcomes they attain. Nowadays tons of people complain about their social status VS the other ones social status but they don’t realize that it doesn’t matter whether they were are born with a silver spoon, plastic spoon, or no spoon at all. It’s not the circumstances by which they come into this world, but what they make of them once they arrive that matter. There was a little kid with her mom in the line of a supermarket, this little boy wants a big and extremely expensive toy and the mom answer with a big no why you don’t remember that this life wasn’t fair with us and we need to work harder than everyone to obtain a single dollar remember my love other ones can we don’t. This is a real life example in which people always complain and say that life is unfair with others, but in my point of view some people are just lucky, they have everything and live wonderful lives. For most, however, life is boring, frustrating and painful. Personally, this girl was one of the lucky ones. This girl could have just as easily been one of the unfortunate ones. Someone opinion says that she do think that you must carve out an existence doing the things that you really want to do, as a unique individual. This usually entails blazing your own path that may be quite different from what the society wants anyone to do. Do it anyway. Risk everything you have and everything you own to get what you really want in life. It is the only way to true happiness and contentment. This girl was lucky enough to be surrounded by people that always teach me to learn to recognize what her dreams were, and no matter what follow them at all costs and achieve them, so she wouldn't switch with someone else. There comes a time in all our lives when we take stock. This will either be the best day of your life or the worst. So there you can recognize that in this path it is your decision to make your life fair or unfair however you need to believe that you are just like the person behind you and in front of you no more no less, so if they can you can, if you can they can. We can’t measure whether life is fair or not. Just by the reason what’s fair to one person may not be fair to another. Someone get to go to bed later than her sister. This is a fair decision because she is older so she should get more privileges. But her sister disagrees because she thinks everyone should be equal. You see almost everyone has a different opinion so everything can’t be measured whether it’s fair or not. In one line of the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio, August said, “ Why do I have to be so ugly mommy?”( www.rjpalacio.com) August Pullman was born with a major facial deformity. Someone opinion was that’s not fair how such a...
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