Failure of Sezs in India

Topics: Government, Arable land, Sovereign state Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: March 12, 2011
The controversy regarding the SEZs in India has turned the issue into what is commonly known as a “hot potato”. The heated debate today is whether these SEZs are good for India or a hotbed for disaster that is going to spell long term doom for the nation. Like many things that go wrong in a nation like India, the SEZs too failed in the implementation phase. Arable land has been used to set up industries, farmers have been displaced and over a span of 40 years haven’t received their “attractive” compensation packages, nor have these industries provided employment to the displaced people, land has been bought and given by the government at throw away prices, there has been no transparency in the selection of the industries, the industries have exploited those areas and left the surroundings polluted, the blame game between the central and state governments and the commerce and finance ministry delays the finding of a solution further. The SEZs have been a success in China due to a step by step plan. Like any other problem the country faces the issue of the SEZs also finds its root cause in corruption. What the Government needs to do is set up an efficient method to obtain non-arable land for the use of the industries and let the farmers retain the arable lands. The rates for the land should be arrived at in a non-partial manner being as fair as possible to all the parties. Only upcoming industries which need to be encouraged by means of subsidies should be allowed to set up in SEZs. All in all everyone is well aware of what needs to be done but the cause of these issues is the problems in the political system of the nation. By raising awareness and popularising the issue, the people may be able to bring about a change and force the government to take action in the interest of the Public and not just be puppets in the hands of the Corporate world.

Shweta Khanna
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