Failure of Democracy in Pakistan

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Failure of democracy in Pakistan:
Pakistan, since its day of inception, has faced several challenges to establish a true democratic system, which could guarantee its survival, stability and development. Unfortunately, the plant of democracy has not taken its roots deep enough to make the country, “a durable democratic state”. Pakistan was conceived on the Islamic ideology which is truly democratic both in letter and spirit, but we remained incapable of sticking to the guiding principles of Islam. Keeping in view the recent constitutional developments, the future of democracy in Pakistan is bright; despite various challenges are obscuring its future. The essence of democracy is in its assurance that every human being is so respected that he should have opportunities equal to that of every other human being. As revealed by Abraham Lincoln, democracy is,

“Government of the people, for the people and by the people.”

Liberty, fraternity and equality are the helpmates of modern democratic political creed. Without implementing a fair system of impartiality and justice, the dream of a truly democratic state, perceived by the Quaid-e-Azam, cannot be materialized. The current pathetic situation of conflicts and distrust are solely the outcomes of a weak democratic setup. Media plays a pivotal role in molding and reshaping the beliefs of a lay man. Unfortunately, the recent media hype in relation to the political activities has aggravated the situation. Media’s biasness has ignited a flame of political imbalance and disharmony, which in turn, has weakened the roots of democratic culture in Pakistan. Similarly, the government has failed to address the problems of a common man effectively. After having a dictatorial nightmare comprising of nine years, the ballet’s strength has revived the political norms of the country. Parliamentary supremacy has been reinstated but unfortunately, rampant load-shedding, heightening inflation, momentous downfall in the Foreign Direct Investment and escalating extremism are the few challenges, to which, the government has failed to embark upon. Resultantly the sense of depravation among the masses may lead towards the debacle of this democratic setup. Likewise, recent statement by a renowned politician, about the role of military in the democratic setup, has started a new debate about the military role in the politics. Due to lack of political insight, our politicians have frequently invited the military, to topple the democratic government by opting un-constitutional means. Thus our incompetent leaders have endangered the survival of political and democratic values of the country. In addition to, the towering terrorism and religious fanaticism is also an ultimate threat to the democracy. They consider democracy as a non-Islamic form of government. The prevailing situation in the country and the demand for the implementation of ‘Sharia’, is a testimony to this ideological belief. For them, the concept of democracy is western and in contradiction with Islam. As they are already a challenge for the law enforcement agencies, they are also proving a threat for this democratic government. Furthermore, the recent natural calamity, in the shape of floods, which has paralyzed our economy, is a real test for the government. All the sectors of the economy, especially agriculture and industry, have been severely hampered by this devastation. Under the above said pitiful conditions, the failure of the government to tackle this challenge would be a failure of democracy itself.

Following are the causes of this horrible tragedy:

It is imperative to have a proper constitution when a country starts fresh. The delay in the formation of constitution thwarted the process shaping the opinion in favor of democracy as a modern political necessity. The constitution, which was drafted after nine years of the independence in 1956, was strangled after military coup by Ayub Khan in 1958. A proper constitution was...
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