Failure Not an Option

Topics: United States, Failure, President of the United States Pages: 1 (440 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Has anyone ever told you that your dreams are too far out of your reach? Have you ever not done something just because you are living in the fear of someone criticizing your every move? What if failure was not an option would your career choice be different now? If I could never fail in life I would become a surgeon or become the President of the United States of America. As a surgeon knowing I could save everyone who came to me would be amazing and unbelievable. Even the most challenging surgeries I would succeed. There would be not one person who would criticize me for not accomplishing at a surgery or for making an honest mistake. I Being able to become a surgeon and not ever having the fear of failing would make me very successful in life. I am afraid to become a surgeon because I don’t want to lose somebody during surgery and the fault be on my shoulder and not being able to accomplish a simple surgery would be horrible. Also, I am afraid of not being prepared for becoming a surgeon. If I never lived in the fear of failing I would be able to seek great heights. I would become the President of the United States if I could never fail. I would become the best president of the Unites States because I wouldn’t fail during my term as president. If I couldn’t fail I would make America better than it is now. If I was President all my laws would pass without being denied. I would be able to change how people will look at this country. Never living in the fear of making a mistake as a president would be awesome. What is stopping me? The fear of not being an honorable president. Also speaking in front of the whole country would make me literally pee in my pants. Never having to live in the fear of those failures would make my dreams of one day becoming the president of the United States of America come true. Never failing in life is not something that happens to normal human beings. Everyone fails and from those failures people learn and become better at their...
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