Failure is a better teacher

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Failure Is A Better Teacher
Failure is a better teacher than success as early success it is easier to gets into one head and causes overconfidence. The difference is that failure teaches us to become humbler and understanding. Failure can keep you motivated and remain content but success may make you lose vision and gratefulness for the things you have, instead vanity takes over to succeed. The biggest thing we can get out of failure it grounds people in reality. Failure helps to understand the boundaries of our individual competence and the amount to which one we can complete. Today’s society does not reward downfall or shortcomings; this is not profitable as many think. We can now look at failure as a ladder to later on success. This way you can gauge what your expectations are on moving forward. By learning by mistakes and failure, you build a foundation and record of accomplishment for what made you successful. Vinit Desai said, (assistant professor of management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School) said in his study of organizations; “While success is surely sweeter than failure, it seems failure is an imminent teacher, and groups that fail dramatically often show more in the extended path”. (Parrish)

Many of us we try to avoid failure because success has been the normal picture painted by society. Society stay focus on not failing so much that they miss the big picture that we do not shoot for success. We are in a standstill because of our fear of failure. When we fail in something, we look over the mistakes and edit them out of our personal lives. Therefore, it does not remind us of our failure. We need failure in our lives. So we can learn from our mistake, which will lead us to reaching success. Failure is life’s best teachers! Let us look at people today, example more traditional people operate on a safety net. Meaning that they will not draw attention to themselves, no one will criticizes them. The reason for...
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