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Failure Is The Key To Success

By imanitta May 14, 2015 332 Words
 « Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something”. This quote has always been my favorite as it perfectly summarizes the message that I deduced from my most unsuccessful learning experience. At the end of my final year of middle school, I had to select a major to pursue during my high school studies. At that time, I knew so little of the world and I had no idea what I wanted to study. In those days, most people believed that only science majors could guarantee a good career. This assured my parents that science is what would suit me even though my grades in science subjects were not satisfactory, especially in mathematics. They convinced me that the love and competence in those subjects would come through practice or tutoring. The decision was made and months later I found myself a high school student whose major was pure sciences instead of literature. During the first term, I thought that I couldn’t cope up with science subjects only because I had not been able to adjust myself to the world of high school; but soon later, I discovered that the only problem was choosing the wrong major because I did really well in literary subjects. The science classes seemed very boring and I knew that even if I remained in the science major, my poor academic record would never help me to guarantee a good career. Subsequently, I remained on science courses while attending additional literary classes. At the end of the year, I changed the major to the literary stream. This significant step was marked with great achievement and success as I really excelled in the major and therefore graduated with honor which allowed me to path my future career. Even though my unsuccessful learning experience was frustrating, it was very fruitful. It taught me that the pursuit of knowledge and education is of paramount importance and that only the person concerned can determine and decide on his/her career.

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