Failure and Fast Track Project

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Applied research technologies (ART) are one of the technology world’s emerging giants consisting of a portfolio of 60 business units. In 2006 the total corporate revenue was $11 billion. One of its units is the filtration units which develop next generation of products and technologies. But after two high profile new product failure, the unit had lost confidence. By 2006, it was losing $6 million annually. Peter Vyas, manager of filtration unit has to decide whether to support or reject the request for $2 million in funding for RIMOS (residential irrigation mini-oxidation system) even after failing twice on earlier generation products. In the case Vyas does support, the final decision is up to newly promoted vice president Cynthia Jackson to support or reject the offer. Another failure could result in disaster for the unit.

Problem identification
* Defects in designs
* Lack of interest in market place
* Detectable odour
* ART currently had 67 such projects in the pipeline, six in the Water Division, but none in the Filtration Unit. (The mini oxidation unit had not been identified as a ‘‘Fast Track’’ project) * Started second generation product without completing first generation product * Second generation product required more battery usage

* Lack of data
* Misunderstanding between team members in united states and India * Indian team missing the deadlines
* Miscommunication between Vyas and Wagner over deadlines

Alternate scenarios
* It can be seen that there is a misunderstanding and miscommunication between U.S and Indian team. * There should have been a middle person to clear these misunderstandings and know both languages. * There could have been a complete Indian team or a complete U.S team, then mix both teams. * The filtration unit should have been a fast track project and...
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