Topics: Failure, Success, Babe Ruth Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: June 28, 2015
Samantha Walsh
English 101
Ms. Clement
18 February 2013


Nobody ever wants to fail. When people think of “failure”, it usually is negative. Failure is commonly viewed as disappointment or not reaching desired goals. More often than not, it is associated with losing. After we experience failure, it is our choice how to internalize the experience. I believe that after failure, most people choose to stop taking big risks and stop from daring to dream big and instead let the failing experience label themselves as not good enough and adopt self-limiting beliefs about their own potential. The true fact is that we all fail; even the greatest amongst us failed many times over. Babe Ruth lead the Major Leagues in strike outs, yet he was known as the greatest hitter of his generation. Michael Jordan was “cut” from his high school basketball team and missed countless last second game winning shots, but despite these failures he is known as a true champion. Abraham Lincoln lost 7 elections, but his continued belief in himself and the causes he believed in propelled him to be the greatest U.S. President. If you study and read about most successful people, it is apparent that “failure” is not such a bad experience IF you realize and take the steps necessary to learn and grow thereafter. I truly believe that failure is part of the process to attain success. Failure is a necessary ingredient to greatness. “Fear” is another component of failure. All of us deal with the emotion of fear and probably have a long list of things we are fearful of. For instance, most people have a fear of public speaking because they are worried about failing in front of others or being judged or labeled for their performance. Fear, just like failure, is a state of mind. It is a perception or a way we think that can limit or inhibit us from taking the necessary actions and commitments. The good part of fear is the emotional response given to us so we can avoid danger...
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