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By DeAndre09 Jan 22, 2014 1189 Words
The definition of failure is “an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success”. Failure is something people never intend to do but end up doing because they don’t work hard enough for what they desire. When people fail at something they have two options: quit what they’re doing and give up, or work even harder so they can reach success. Everyone in life will fail at some point. People cannot let one failure stop them from reaching their goals. When a person fails they should take the time to realize why they failed in the first place; maybe they didn’t give it their all, maybe they weren’t motivated and dedicated enough to succeed. Just because someone fails does not mean what they set out to accomplish was not meant to be. Anything is possible people just have to work for it. When trying to complete a task a person usually has two options: failure or success. Last year there was a time in my life where one of my failures brought me down. This year I realized my failure will push me even harder to reach my goals. Track is a big part of my life and I am very competitive when it comes to the sport. My main event is pole vault and I didn’t want anything more than to qualify for state in my event. The qualifying height for state is 12’10” and I knew I had to reach it if I wanted to compete at state. The season started off good. I placed first and second at a few meets. By mid-season I was ranked number one in the Wolverine Conference, which was a big deal to me considering my first year I was the worst in the conference. As the end of the season was approaching every meet began to become more important. The pressure was at an all-time high during the regional track meet. At regionals you had to clear 12’10” or place top two to advance to the state meet. I knew exactly what I had to do, clear the height. My first few vaults were great I cleared three heights with ease. When the bar was at 12’4” there were only five athletes left, me being one of them. I clear 12’4” my second attempt and feel good about what I had accomplished thus far. However the next height wouldn’t be so easy. It was time to take my attempt at the state qualifying height; I had a good start, took the pole up and hit the crossbar with my legs while in the air. At this point, I’m a little frustrated because clearing the height is very important to me. The next attempt I was nervous but I continued on anyway, I ran down the lane in full stride hoping my speed would help me get over the bar. My momentum flew me up 12 feet in the air, as I was turning to go over the bar my leg brushed the top of the bar and it fell. My last attempt and chance to make it to the state meet was up and the pressure was on. My coach suggested I switch poles and move to the 165 Pacer X pole, I take his advice and am ready to take my final attempt. I run down the lane with confidence trying not to let the fact that I’m on a different pole bother me. I take my jump and it feels as if I’m in the air for longer than usual, so many thoughts went through my mind at that time I could have done so many things different. I end up hitting the bar on the way up and my chances ran out. I end up not qualifying for the state meet and place third overall. I had failed, six inches stopped me from achieving the one thing I wanted the most. My junior season ended on a good note despite the fact I didn’t reach my goal, because I got better at the sport I love and even though I failed I knew what I had to work on for next year. The definition of success is “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishments of one’s goals.” After failing my goal it was time to determine the reasons for me not reaching it. One reason that came to mind was the fact that I did not prepare for the season during the off-season. If I would have worked out in the off season I would have done better. Another reason is I did not practice enough on my technique. Technique is a critical component of pole vault. After realizing my mistakes, I knew what I had to work on for this upcoming season. This year I have been training in the off-season working harder than ever. I am doing my best so this year my goal is accomplished with no hesitation. Success is reached with hard work, motivation and determination. The fact that I failed my goals last year are motivating me even more to strive for success. In order to succeed changes have to be made to my life to reach my goals. One thing I have done to make a change is buy a membership to a local gym in South Haven. I have been working out at the gym as much as possible during the week, trying to get in better shape for the upcoming season. My coach has also enrolled me to compete indoors so I can get more practice before the season starts. I have new goals for this season and they will be reached because I’m doing the things necessary to reach them. Redemption is defined as “the action of regaining or gaining possession of something, or clearing a debt”. This year I plan on redeeming myself at regionals and not making the same mistakes twice. I plan on being successful and letting the hard work I put in now to determine the outcome of the regional track meet. The opportunity to win regionals is there for the taking I just have to put in the effort to win it. My failure made me realize the things that I needed to do in order to achieve my goal of making it to state. In conclusion failure is necessary in order for someone to realize what they have done wrong and what is needed to become successful. “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong” said Benjamin Franklin. Throughout the history of success before someone actual reached their goal they more than likely failed a few times. People for generations have used the power of failure to drive them towards success. Many people reach success with motivation and determination. No matter what task is at hand if a person actually puts in the work, time, effort, and never give up their goal can be achieved. Just like mine will be achieved, because I believe! Failure is not an option it is a choice.

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