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Failing Grades

By Jazmine288 Apr 16, 2013 487 Words
The Consequences

There are many options when it comes to failure, sometimes failure can happen unexpectedly. Now that it’s required that every child must attend college, there are many students who are not really ready for college. Some students aren’t ready for a university, the classes can be to challenging. Also students just don’t take their first year of college serious, which can cause them to fail all of their classes. By students not going to class, slacking in their homework, and not paying attention in class can cause failure.

Not studying can lead to failure, its like the student isn’t preparing his or herself for the course they’re taking. Preparation and organization is well needed to pass a class, by the student not turning all their assignments in can really effect there grade point average. When the student doesn’t study, it can affect the personality of how the student views the course. Study can be boring, but it really helps during an exam.

Often professor can cause a student to fail their class. Some teachers don’t explain assignments fully through. A few professors have foreign accents, which can cause communication problems with students. Very seldom students can get professor, in whom they just don’t like or it can be the other way around. Sometimes by the student not paying attention in their previous course can affect the second part of the course. Professors can often move at a faster pace than other, I suggest before taking a challenging course, students should get information about the professor. The subject can sometimes just be too hard for students to participate in the course.

Most people also have distractions such as jobs, family or relationship problems, and partying. First time college students are not always focus because of all the freedom. By students being in college for the first time, they may have lack in the skill of studying. Most people don’t put college first, so the people in their lives can affect how much effort the student put into school. Some students have other responsibility, which requires all of their attention such as children or other family issues. Partying can drive student right to an F, sometimes when students party, they often take drugs. Drugs cause students to skip class, and also they will start to not care about school.

By a student constantly failing course can cause them to stay in school longer than they should. In order for a student to continue to receive financial aide, they would have to keep the GPA at a certain level. Its better to study and focus on school, to make a better person out of a student because it’s hard to get any job, even after you graduate from college. By the student being on top of their grades, they will have a better chance of succeeding in life, which also brings an excellent life for their children.

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