Failed and Weak States

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Failed and weak states

After 9/11 Canadians gave full support to the US government. Canadian prime minister at the time being Jean Chretien had given full commitment politically, militarily and economically as for assisting to help and bring trial to those responsible for the terrorist attack in the United States. George W Bush finally announced the war on terror on September 20th 2001 with the Canadian government by their side. The United States were increasingly involved in the war in Iraq therefore forced Canada to take immediate further commitments in the war in Afghanistan. Our Canadian military role had forced us to consume 90% of its financial allotments in this particular project, taken into consideration that the government you this large amount of finances towards economic development, for training purposes of the troops as well as the police in order to give support to present Afghan government. Many people have become increasingly critical about these policies Canada had with the US and Afghanistan. These policies have created great deal of debates on weather Canada should step out or continue to support the United States with the war on terror. Canadians had to put in consideration that walking out could cause Canada to face great loss in all trade and investment relations with the United States, therefore Canada decided to continue supporting their neighbor. Finally in 2011 Stephan Harper current minister decided to withdrawal Canadian troops out of the war in Afghanistan.(Levitz, Stephanie ). In this essay I will talk about how failed states effect everyone

The phenomenon of a state failure has existed for quite a while. In fact it entered the policies in mid 1990s in order to describe the post-cold war. A failed state that is already a weak state that reaches point where it cannot meet up to the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government such as; education, security or governance which is usually...
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