Failed Amendments

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Failed Amendments
The Amendments were proposed in 1789. There were 17 articles of amendment but they were reduced to 12 and others were rejected. Today, there are 27 amendments in the constitution. Most people know the first 10, which are known as The Bill of Rights. Through the years, the amendments have been tried to be changed or improved by the government. Some amendments are accepted and some are still pending. The failed amendments are either rejected by the congress or didn’t get enough votes.

The Child Labor Amendment is one of the several that failed. It was supposed to regulate the labor of children under the age of 18. The civil movements wanted to create safer environment to children that worked. It was proposed in 1924 and Israel Moore Foster offered it during the 68th congress. He believed that the economic was growing and it needed to improve the conditions that children worked in. He suggested laws to be created to protect children between the age of 10-16 from factories abuse.

It failed because it didn’t get enough vote to be passed. In order for an amendment to be added in the constitution, it has to have a total of 38 states ratification. It only got 28 states to ratify it. I don’t think the amendment could be passed today due to the economic crisis. Secondly, the working conditions are better than the 20 centuries. There is a chance the amendment could be passed in the future because of the population growth in the country.

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