Fail to Succeed

Topics: Failure, Success Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: April 12, 2010

Fail to Succeed
Hello, I would like to introduce you to a different way of thinking about failure. Most of us know or see successful people in our daily lives. Some of us wonder if we will ever be successful. Some of us think that the successful person has always been this way. I have even heard people comment that success was given to that successful person. Either way you look at it or whatever you think about success. I can assure you most of the successful people you see became successful after some type of failure. Failure to succeed is not about failure; it is about using your failures to achieve success.

I think at some point we have all failed in something. If you have never failed you probably just don’t remember. Even the smallest failures can change our lives. Failure goes as far back as learning to walk. We may not remember it but the first time we fell, our little baby brain says “we don’t want to do that again”. As we got older we missed a math question on a test, or had a couple of run on sentences in an English essay. We don’t really think about these things because they are so small but, they were all failures. We did figure out how to improve in these areas either consciously or sub consciously and we learned from that failure. We may have even become a success at what we improved on. Some people learned so much from falling down, they became stuntmen/women. Some failed so miserably in math they became accountants for the u.s government. Hans Christian Anderson had dyslexia. His condition is by no means a failure but his early years of learning to read write were full of failures. He became one of our greatest writers in history. All failures can lead to success.

I worked for a large marketing company for about 2 years. I was a speaking for a well known real estate millionaire. His name is Robert Allen. Robert Allen filed bankruptcy in the early 80’s. He had acquired millions of dollars in real estate and when the bottom fell...
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