Fahrenheit 451 Titles of Chapters to Themes

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Themes to Titles

There are a lot of different themes and symbols throughout the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Many of the motifs coincide with the titles of the three sections in the novel. The three sections were ‘The Hearth and The Salamander,’ ‘The Sand and The Sieve,’ and lastly ‘Burning Bright.’ The symbols and themes of this novel varied from dependence on technology to freedom of expression. All throughout the book there is conformity and those who defy the rules and in the end the ones who do not do as they should, survive. While those who listen to orders and do what they are told are annihilated. The first section of the book’s title represents the growth and destruction of families and their connections, while section two’s title goes along with the themes of flaws of memory and knowledge and lastly the third section’s title is about the symbols of dual uses of fire; good and evil uses.

In ‘Hearth and the Salamander’, the main character Guy Montag loves his job and his wife; at least he thinks he does. With the realization that he does not love his wife or his job comes the destruction of his family and any connections he has to the modern world. The quote, “There was nowhere to go, no friend to turn to, (page 124)” is proof that he had no one to turn to, no one he cared for. After meeting his strongest human connection, Clarisse, Montag became conscious of the fact that he really did not know his wife at all, although he thought he did. He begins to defy conformity and does exactly the opposite of what the government says he should do, like reading books. Before all of Montag’s connections were destroyed, a few connections flourished.

The connection between Guy Montag and Clarisse McClellan, a seventeen year old neighbor, grew a great amount before she was hit by a car and killed. He knew more about her than he knew about his wife of many years. When talking to Mildred about Clarisse’s death, Montag stated “Clarisse’s favorite...

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