Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Science fiction Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: February 7, 2012
Delrika Carey
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Ray Bradbury’s Innovations

The futuristic world that Ray Bradbury, author of Ferinheight 451, so vividly describes is frightenly close to our own. Therefore it give a broad outlook on futuristic society, and remarkably parallels the world in which we live in today. The problems at the present night not be as extreme as Bradburys however, if left unchecked they could grow to be just as monstrous as he predicted.

Positive and negative impacts were both results of his innovations, additionally causing affliction but also gave a sense of amusement for the human society. For instance, the shells in peoples ears where consequently causing isolation and tearing the civilization away from reality. Although there were many set backs, there also came good fortune, such as a form of entertainment and gratification. The robot dog, provided a sense of security to the community, supplying around the clock surveillance, thus stripping the privilege of privacy away from their society. In addition to the lack of privacy, the robot dog acted as a witness on evidence of improper or inappropriate activity.

Modern society, gives examples of Bradbury’s innovations but lacks his extreme exaggeration. Namely, the shells in the peoples ears, still act as a sense of enjoyment and entertainment for the world but at a broader range. He’s trying to display how these contraptions are taking over society’s natural way of thinking, analyzing, and expressing themselves. “ The hound was gone. Now there was only the cold river and Montag floating in a sudden peacefulness, away the city and the lights and the chase, away from everything” (3.226). Reaching the river means Montag is safe from the mechanical burden. In symbolic terms, nature triumphs over technology.

Technology and electronics are taking over more simple and original forms of entertainment, communication, and security is what those innovations and their parallelism...
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