Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag, Firefighter Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Daniela Zuniga
November 25, 2013
Period 6
Book Report #1

Character: Guy Montag
Guy Montag is the main character who works as a firefighter doing the ironic. Instead of doing duty of putting out fire, he starts them, but he can’t be blamed for his duty. He was raised to believe and follow society and not question. Guy is a very determined, confused, rebellious, and is an eager for knowledge character. His determination is shown when he refuses to give up the books he was caught with and he risked his life. He was determined to help Faber stop burning books which was illegal, this caused him to run away from the law. Another situation in which his determination was shown was in which Guy ran from the hound non-stop through the neighborhoods, even when he felt exhausted or that it was the end for him. “How many times can a man go down and still be alive? I can’t breathe. There’s Beatty dead, and he was my friend once, and there’s Millie gone, I thought she was my wife, but now I don’t know. And the house all burnt. And my job gone and myself on the run, and I planted a book in a fireman’s house on the way. Good Christ, the things I’ve done in a single week…it saved itself up to happen. I could feel it for a long time, I was saving something, I went around doing one thing and feeling another. God, it was all there. It’s a wonder it didn’t show on me, like fat. And how here I am, messing up… (125)” As shown, Guy is confused on his actions and behaviors, he doesn’t know why he is doing what he is doing, but he has a feeling that he must do it. He is talking and doing things without thinking, yet he doesn’t stop and wonder why. He is used to letting things guide him as that is how society has raised him. Although once he meets Clarisse, his mind opens up and he begins to question things. Montag isn’t only determined and confused, but also rebellious, but for how long? When Montag is talking to Beatty about the hound targets, it’s...
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