Fahrenheit 451

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Dystopia, Novel Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: August 26, 2013
They aren’t able to think for themselves 4
They aren’t truly happy
They burn books/ destruction of knowledge (going back to the dark ages)4 People are afraid of firemen
Violence and the speeding car = a disrespect for life
The government is disrespectful and miss treats the people
Suicide – Mildred is not even aware that she tried to commit suicide 4 Fear 4
Break down of family 4
The war
The enemy is never identified
The war doesn’t seem to stop
The war is serious/it’s nuclear

1 removal of knowledge
2 the government and the firemen are in control of power

In the novel The firemen sever the government but in life they serve the people and they help the people.( in the novel they are turning into a police for that is why we don’t here much about the police in the novel)

Books give us knowledge and spark our imagination and if you destroy books it is like destroying knowledge. This helps the government to be unchanged (it is like a dictatorship)

If you stop knowledge and imagination you stop idea in the population and once you have stopped these factors in a community you stop people from thinking.

3 book burning stops individuality
Book burning symbolises destruction of individuality because they are all the same. It is the same as saying if everyone was blind.


a) What is dystopian about this world?

The main dystopian event that occurred in the novel Fahrenheit 451 is book burning which is carried out by firemen. This the opposite of what happens in the real world. In the real world firemen stop fires but in Fahrenheit they are the main culprits of book burning and fire making. In Fahrenheit it is like the civilisation is going back to the dark ages. In real life the public are not afraid of firemen but in the novel they are feared.

Another event that makes Fahrenheit a dystopian world is that the citizens...
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