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Paper bagA compare and contrast report on

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Green marbleName: Fadya AlHarthy
ID: 94130
Teacher: Najat AlKalbani

There are many companies around the world. They have always helped to improve world's economy. Oman kept a good relationship with companies from around the globe, thus 56% of the companies in Oman are from international organizations. The number of Oil and gas companies has increased rapidly in the recent years. PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) and OXY (Occidental Petroleum Corporation) are two oil and gas companies. PDO is owned by the Omani government which started in 1962 supported by SHELL, while OXY is North American chemical manufacturer. Both OXY and PDO export natural gas and oil. I am going to compare and contrast OXY and PDO to highlight similarities and differences in the following points; history, employees performances and environment achievements.
Firstly, each successful company starts with a wonderful, great and perfect history. OXY is the leading international oil and gas exploration and production company around the world. Over the years PDO has always being the main oil and Gas Company in Oman. Both OXY and PDO find and operate natural gas fields and drilled exploration, marketing and production. Many years ago PDO thought to deliver gas to government gas system. On the other hand, OXY depends on technical expertise and works to improve their abilities to reach high results.
(89 words) Secondly, each company has it is own environmental achievements. PDO has recycled the mixed oil and gas to reduce the effect on Earth (environment). In the same way OXY has 12 billion cubic feet to decline the effect of methane. OXY won 8 sites certified by Wildlife Habitat Council while PDO has operated waste management

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