Faculty Observation

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Faculty Classroom Observation Report – SPRING 2012

Name: Observation Date/Time:
Course Title and Number:
Students Enrolled: Students Present:

Directions: Below is a list of instructor behaviors that may occur within a given class. Please use this form as a guide to conducting observations. Place a check mark in the appropriate column. Consider each item carefully; and, assign the highest rating only for unusually effective performance.

Scheduling date and time for faculty observations: Please contact faculty by e-mail or phone, in advance, to schedule the date and time for the observation. If the faculty member has not responded to your request to schedule an observation within a reasonable time, your observation may be unannounced.

Post-observation discussion: The observer has the option of conducting a post-observation discussion with the observed instructor either following the class or at another convenient time, to provide feedback. Please conduct this post-observation discussion in a private office or space, to assure confidentiality in all matters discussed.

Signing and submitting written response to Observation Report: Please inform the faculty member that a copy of the Classroom Observation Report will be sent to them; and, a signed copy or e-mailed acknowledgment and optional written response may be submitted within (2) weeks of the date signed by the instructor.

|Classroom Objectives/Summary |Not Observed |More Emphasis Needed |Satisfactory |Accomplished Very Well | |The instructor oriented the students to | | | | | |the agenda for the class | | | | | |The instructor made clear what would | | | | | |happen in the class. | | | | | |The instructor clearly communicated goals| | | | | |and objectives to the students. | | | | | |The instructor tied this lesson to | | | | | |previous and future lessons. | | | | | |Comments related to Classroom | | |Objectives/Summary | | |Organization and Clarity of Presentation |Not Observed |More Emphasis Needed |Satisfactory |Accomplished Very Well | |The instructor was prepared for the | | | | | |lesson. | | | | | |The content of the lesson flowed from | | | | | |simple to complex, building on previous | | | | | |concepts. | | | | | |The instructor used frames of reference | |...
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