Facts on Cleopatra

Topics: Cleopatra VII, Ptolemaic dynasty, Mark Antony Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Fats bout Cleopatra…..

Was a female ruler in a time of male kings.
Her beauty was said to have brought men to their knees
There was several women name Cleopatra
She was named Cleopatra da 7th
Was born in 69b.c in Alexandria
Father was Ptolemy da 12th who was pharaoh when Cleopatra was born. Father lost his throne when she was 11 but got it back three years later Her sister Berenice was ruler for those three years
Sister Cleopatra da 6th mysteriously died
Then her father turned and killed Berenice leaving Cleopatra da 7th the heir to the throne Father died in 51b.c leaving Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy Cleopatra was pharaoh because it was custom for the eldest to take the throne Cleopatra and Ptolemy married

Cleopatra was 17 when she married her 12 year old brother
Her brother/husband got jealous of Cleopatra power and wanted the throne to himself so he got a army of men and forced her to leave, exiling her to nearby Syria She had a persuasive voice and was highly intelligent and had a keen mind of politics She was a powerful woman ruling an important kingdom

She had Caesar on her side
Ptolemy was killed trying to flee
Cleopatra was declared the rightful pharaoh of Egypt by Caesar Caesar wanted to marry Cleopatra even though he was already married Marc Antony a close friend of Caesar fell in love with Cleopatra even though he to was married Cleopatra locked her self in a sacred building and ordered her servants to tell Antony that she was died He stabbed himself not long after Cleopatra killed herself as well She was an Egyptian she was a Macedonian Greek descended

She was the only pharaoh in the 300 year that could actually speak Egyptian She spoke nine different languages but Latin was not one
She had a sense of occasion and clever presentation skills
She was 39 when she died in 30b.c
She let a Egyptian cobra snake bit her because it was believed that snakebite would ensure immortality

Full name was Cleopatra vii Thea...
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